Saturday, August 23, 2008

As a Realtor In this town I have been asked many real estate related questions. The most common being , Are our houses selling? My response is that any house marketed properly will sell. When I meet with a client for the first time I explain how the real estate market works. I believe every homeowner needs to know how to secure the most value for their house. Most people have a basic idea of what their house is worth and for the most part, they are not to far off the mark. They need an understanding of how to get the most value out of their home in the current market. Selling your house is more than listing it on the Long Island Multiple Listing Service (MLSLI) and placing an ad in Newsday.

  • We are in a buyers market.

  • There are currently 159 houses on the market in Plainview.
    Ask yourself this question.
    Why should someone buy your home?

  • You must maximize your homes exposure from the start. This process involves marketing at what I call a Full Spectrum Approach.

  • Not marketing your home properly is short changing yourself.

  • You deserve the most value your home can bring you in the current market.

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