Saturday, November 22, 2008

Certain Expectations When Selling A Home

Selling a home puts you in a unique position. You are parting with what is likely your greatest asset. Some people are sad to sell, while others are ready to move on. No matter what your circumstances, your buyer will have certain expectations of you.
First, you are expected to be courteous and professional. If you can put some emotional distance between yourself and the property it is helpful. For instance, if you are selling the family home it is likely to be an emotional transaction. However, your buyer probably does not want to walk down memory lane each time you meet.
Next, you are expected to have an understanding of the current real estate marketplace. You need to know what a reasonable asking price is and have realistic expectations for the terms and conditions of the sale. Expecting to sell for twice what you paid is not helpful if the marketplace does not support that type of transaction. Your real estate professional will be instrumental in helping you gauge the temperature of the market.
When possible, buyers will expect you to be fair and flexible. You should certainly feel empowered to stand up for your best interests, but if you can accommodate certain requests, it can make for a smoother transaction.
Buyers expect you to be honest and up front about the condition of your property. A home inspection and seller disclosure documents help ensure that potential defects are identified, but a buyer also expects that you will not purposefully hide areas of concern.
Finally, buyers expect you to leave the home in a respectable condition. Moving day is certainly a hectic one, but it is no reason to leave behind unwanted items for the buyer to deal with. You are expected to leave the home broom swept and cleared of all items except those identified in the contract as transferring with the property.

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