Friday, December 19, 2008

Selling Your Home in The Winter

In many parts of the country, selling a home during the winter months can be a challenge. Dreary, cold weather and the end-of-the-year holidays can keep buyers away and than there are the heighten fears of your home staying on the market longer than expected.
However, there are a few things you can do to enhance “curb appeal.” And when that happens, buyers will take notice.
For example, if your home has been on the market for more than six months, its probably time to change the sales approach. There are several factors that could be reviewed with your real estate agent to determine improvements that can be made. Ask for a reassessment of the sales price; it may be too high for the current market. Also, ask the agent for a new or updated marketing plan and ask for a specific explanation of each activity. Marketing your home goes beyond a few ads in the newspaper and a listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS); a good agent will do more to get your home sold.
If your current agent doesn’t respond to your satisfaction, you should contact the real estate broker (the owner of the office) and ask for a different sales agent – or, if you’re no longer under any contractual obligation to the firm, it might be time to change real estate offices entirely.
When setting the asking price through a comparative marketing analysis, compare similar homes sold in the winter months. Many owners set their asking price too high because of comparisons with sales prices during peak seasons. Always try to compare like properties sold at the same time of year.
Once you’ve settled on an asking price, its time to spruce up the interior and exterior of your home. Many real estate agents recommend opening as many curtains as possible to add light and color to rooms. Also, it’s suggested that you keep spring and summer pictures of your home out on tables and in clear view. Photos of your front yard flowers or the backyard shade tree in full summer bloom can help swing many buyers in favor of a purchase.
Staying on top of winter maintenance and chores is another sure-fire way of adding value to your home. A neatly shoveled driveway and cleared walkway can add a nice touch. Make sure the furnace is in good working condition and that the room temperature is kept at a comfortable level. Also, check to see that the basement if dry and sealed from any drafts.
Take yourself on a tour of your home. Start in the basement and work you way through the house. More than likely you’ll see many previously undiscovered cluttered spaces and needed repairs that can turn off potential buyers.
Don’t overload your home with holiday decorations, either. The buyer should have a chance to see you home in its everyday condition.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos of Plainview Slide Show

Americans Know A Bargain When They See One

Here is an interesting post from my in house mortgage consultant.

THE GOOD NEWS Strange as it may seem, the one segment of the economy that gives us cheer is housing. Housing has been the weakest sector of the economy for some time. However, mortgage applications rose 112% last week --the biggest percentage gain in history. Refinancing also leaped upwardby some 203%. With some trepidation, we are inclined to say that the worst may be over for housing.

Moreover, the stock market seems to agree with us. With stocks likeMasco (MAS), a Growth Portfolio pick leveraged to the home-building industry, leading the market higher, housing seems to be emerging from the doldrums. We also note that October's figures showed houses to be more affordable than any time in the last 20 years. Today, with the Federal Reserve buying up mortgage-backed agency securities and forcing mortgage rates lower, we expect affordability has reached a record high. Housing prices have also come down a huge amount. Americans know a bargain when they see one, and will surely increase their buying thanks to record high liquidity. Housing was a significant catalyst for the downturn in the stock market, and we believe a turnaround in housing is a needed catalyst for an upturn in the economy. We are not about to stand on a soapbox and shout that the worst is over. However, the improved figures from the housing sector are certainly a positive sign.

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**posted with her permission**

Monday, December 1, 2008

Plainview New York Home Sales for November 2008

60 Floral Drive $960,000 Colonial
33 Birch Dr. $450,000 Exp Cape
16 Island St. $355,000 Exp. Ranch
17 N Irene Ln. $600,000 Farm Ranch
34 Pleasant Ave. $538,125 Hi Ranch
200 Main Parkway $370,000 Ranch
23 Jamaica Ave. $300,000 Ranch
46 Charlotte Pl. $425,000 Ranch
87 Victor St. $480,000 Ranch
168 Gerhard Rd $412,000 Split
134 Lincoln Road $449,000 Split
11 Meryll Pl $480.000 Split
5 Nautilus $465,000 Split
39 Gainsville Dr. $530,000 Split
42 Burton Ave. $540,000 Split
17 Wayland Rd $622,500 Split
996 Old Country Rd. $525,000 Split

*source: MLS of Long Island