Saturday, January 24, 2009

Face Book I Need To Sell/Buy my House Real Estate Tips and Discussion Group

Just started a new Face Book group to help everyone that wants their real estate questions answered. Post a question, make a comment, or just check it out.

"I Need sell/Buy a House, Real Estate Tips and Discussion Group.

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Mark Schreier
Licensed Realtor

Monday, January 12, 2009

Are Nassau County Property Taxes Going Down?

Are Nassau County Property Taxes Going Down?

Nassau County finally got on the band wagon and agreed to reduce the assessed value on the majority of properties in the county for the years 2010/2011. However just because your assessed value goes down doesn't mean your yearly tax bill will be reduced. According to the Nassau County Department Of Assessment for the 2009 tax year county taxes only accounted for 17.3% of your tax burden. Town and village, city & special district taxes make up 20% and school taxes 62.7% The amount of taxes in dollars the local government collects from you is based on it's expenses, divided by your assessed value. So when local government expenses go up the burden is divided according to your assessed value. The higher your assessed value the more of the pie you will be responsible to pay. So yes even if your assessed value goes down your yearly tax bill can go up. If you would like to challenge the county market value of your home, your property tax classification or exemption status, you may file an application for correction of assessment at between January 2, 2009 and March 2, 2009 or by calling the assessment department at 516 571-1050.
Mark Schreier ,LSA

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plainview New York Home Sales for December 2008

53 Nassau Ave Plainview $246,500 Cape

152 Central Park Rd Plainview $305,000 Ranch

30 Vernon St Plainview $355,000 Exp Ranch

27 Janet Dr Plainview $385,000 Ranch

27 Clearwater Dr Plainview $430,000 Exp Cape

26 Birch Ln Plainview $460,000 Split

104 S Lincoln Rd Plainview $475,000 Split

68 Country Dr Plainview $477,500 Split

59 Beaumont Dr Plainview $450,000 Hi Ranch

164 Morton Blvd Plainview $519,000 Exp Ranch

17 Alan Ct Plainview $475,000 Split

16 Laura Ln Plainview $542,500 Hi Ranch

11 Millford Dr Plainview $585,000 Ranch

Friday, January 2, 2009

Town of Oyster Bay Bethpage Community Park Indoor Ice Rink Grand Opening

The Town Of Oyster Bay Ice Rink just opened its doors last month. It is a great place to burn off those extra holiday calories.. The regulation size rink has lockers, pro shop, snack bar, and a lounge with a wood burning fire place. I went there with my 7 year old and had a blast. It is part of the Bethpage recreation center.