Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Are You Paying Realtors To Work Against You In A Real Estate Transaction

When you walk into an open house you are dealing with a sales agent who is working for the seller and their best interest. If you buy that house from the listing agent you have paid them a commission to work against you. WHY???

$$$$$$ The Benefits of Buyer Agency $$$$$$

*No extra cost to the buyer*

· They represent your interests, not that of the seller’s.

· They point out the weaknesses and strengths of a property.

· They tell you if they think the house is overpriced.

· They analyze market data to determine an appropriate offering price.

· They apply their negotiating skills for your benefit to get you the lowest price.

· They keep your negotiating strategy in strict confidence.

· They prepare the sales documents with your best interest in mind.

Mark Schreier Certified Buy Representative

· My goal is to develop an on going professional relationship with you based on successfully representing your best interest.

· My role is not to “sell” you a house; my job is to provide advice, expertise, and counseling, to assist you in your selection of a house.

I will be happy to explain how you can get your money working for you.

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