Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Want to Buy a House In Plainview, or Old-Bethpage, NY

Mortgage Approved couple looking to buy their 1st home in Plainview or Old-Bethpage New York.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Response to Nassau County Tax Question

Hello David,
Thanks for responding to my blog. Yes, if everything remains the same and your assessed value went down (in a perfect world) your tax bill would go down. The county/town would have to collect your share of lost revenue from another source because like you stated the loss must be made up to pay the bills. The current situation across Nassau County is that most of the houses had assessments that were way off base and not a true reflection of their current market value. Many homeowners were grieving their assessments and winning. The grievances were costing Nassau County a lot of money. So the county lowered the assessed value of most homes in the 2010/11 tax year to “fix” this problem. To pay the bills the county increased the tax rate. This combined with greater expenses for the coming years could lead to people paying more than they did before. If you don’t mind I going to post your question on my blog. This whole assessment thing is very confusing and I believe many others would benefit.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Schreier
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Question on Nassau County Property Taxes

Hi Mark, I read your article on property taxes.
So here is a question. Lets assume the budget is the same as the past year and the town/county/school does not have to raise taxes. we also need to assume the level of assessment remains the same.Lets say my homes market value goes down and therefor the assessed value goes down.

In this situation my tax bill would go down correct?
But if my tax bill goes down then the county will need more money to offset what they just lost on me.
How do they make up for this loss?

There seems to be a missing unexplained link to this equation.
What is your take on this
David M

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Plainview and Old-Bethpage Home Sales for December 2009

Eighteen houses sold in POB for the month of December.

Contact me today to find out what your neighbors house sold for!!

1) 6 John Dr Old Bethpage $463,000 Split
2) 41 Simpson Dr Old Bethpage $575,000 Split
3) 16 Melbourne Ln Old Bethpage $650,000 Hi Ranch
4) 25 Vernon St Plainview $325,000 Ranch
5) 15 Charlotte Pl Plainview $315,000 Ranch
6) 36 Wendell St Plainview $350,000 Cape
7) 30 Julliard Dr Plainview $378,000 Exp Ranch
8) 70 N Knickerbocke Rd Plainview $405,000 Ranch
9) 18 Sunnyside Blvd Plainview $421,500 Hi Ranch
10) 15 Fordham Dr Plainview $425,000 Split
11) 100 Lincoln Rd Plainview $417,000 Split
12) 52 Amby Ave Plainview $385,000 Cape
13 ) 28 Pine St Plainview $420,000 Split
14) 85 E Main Pky Plainview $450,000 Exp Cape
15) 21 Ruth Pl Plainview $615,000 Splanch
16) 16 Edgewood Gate Plainview $687,500 Split
17 ) 1 Pound Ridge Rd Plainview $625,000 Colonial
18) 30 Lillian Ln Plainview $800,000 Colonial