Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Sell Your Property In 30 Days, Is your house a quick sale property?

7 Qualifications for a Quick Sale Property
#1 Proper Price A market analysis should be completed to compare the listed property with other sold and for sale properties in the area of the subject. This should be presented on a scale as all properties are not exactly alike in design and features. A “quick sale” property should be on the lower end of the scale. Properties listed above the scale will not qualify.
#2 Good Condition
Buyers expect a property to be in reasonably good condition. Most buyers are not skilled or interested in completing repairs even if they are cosmetic. For a “quick sale” the property should be in good condition.
#3 Easy Accessibility
Home buyers want to look at properties that are for sale on their own time. Homes that are not easily accessible could be passed over by a qualified buyer. There are plenty of homes on the market. “Quick sale” properties are available at any reasonable time.
#4 Reasonable Commission Real Estate agents work hard for a commission. They are not different from normal people. They work hard and expect to be paid for their time and knowledge. Cutting commissions might sound like a good idea on the surface, but this can cost the Seller tons of money and cause the property to not qualify for a “quick sale”.
#5 Seller Flexibility
Some Buyers need help with closing cost, some need to lease prior to close and some need other incentives to purchase a property. The wise Seller will remain flexible and willing in order to accentuate a “quick sale”.
#6 Property Appeal Staging a property can mean the difference. Buyers can’t visualize what a property could look like. They need to see it in its best light. Property appeal is a key ingredient to a “quick sale”.
#7 Proper Advertising If a Buyer doesn’t know it’s for sale they won’t try to buy it. Advertising should be far reaching in order to locate the best Buyer for your property.
Make sure your next Buyer knows about your property!

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