Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is this a good time to sell my Plainview, New York house?

Here are the Plainview, New York Hyper Local Real Estate Facts.

With the approaching warm weather after this brutal winter many homeowners are thinking about selling their houses in search of warmer winters. They all share one common question in our less than desirable real estate market. Is this the right time to sell? The media is reporting that the bottom is near or that we hit bottom and we will be in a housing recovery by mid to late 2011. Well they have been saying these things year after for the past few years. The bottom line is as educated as their sources might be everyone is guessing. The town of Plainview/Old-Bethpage, NY is unique to itself. What happens in Manhattan or Queens for the most part has no bearing on our town. In the 2009 POB market 240 houses passed title with the average selling price being $498,937 with the average days on market being 100. Of the 240 houses 209 were in Plainview and 31 were in Old-Bethpage, 93 were Splits, 45 Ranches, 21 High Ranches, 38 Colonials, 13 Capes, and the rest were a mixture of the less common Exp Capes, Post Modern, and other styles. In the 2010 market 216 houses passed title with an average sale price of $503,218. Plainview closed 188 homes and Old-Bethpage closed 28, 84 were Splits, 41 Ranches, 34 Colonials and 15 Capes, other less popular styles making up the remaining sales. Average days on market being 98. The good news is Plainview, Old-Bethpage houses are selling and the average closing price has actual increased slightly. Interest rates have stayed relatively low hovering close to the five percent range. Winter is always a good time to beat the increased traffic of the spring housing market were inventory always peaks and increases competition.

So should you list your house?

If you need to sell yes now is the right time.

We know that houses are selling now and never know what will happen tomorrow.

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