Friday, November 4, 2011

Plainview Real Estate Short Sale

Countless homeowners are facing tough decisions and frightening situations - they're feeling the wall of their financial world close in on them.

If you or someone you know...

* Is behind on their mortgage

* Owes more than the house is worth

* Is facing foreclosure

* Has lost their job or had a pay cut

* Can't sell their Home

...let them know that there ARE options and people that you can trust.

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Tips on Selling Your House This Fall

Tips For Selling Your House This Fall
No matter what the season, or where you live, remember the tried-and-true tips when presenting your home to potential buyers. It is always important that your home is neat, organized, clean and clutter-free during an open house or private showings. However, here are some ideas on how to take advantage of the fall season to really make your house stand out.
‘Tis the season - spruce up your entryway and yard with plants that thrive in the fall like chrysanthemums. A cornstalk or pumpkin on the front porch, or a decorative fall wreath on the front door is a nice touch…though all accents should be in moderation.
Safety first - Don’t forget to rake the leaves, as they can be slippery on sidewalks and steps. Also, scattered leaves may detract from your home’s facade.
Sugar and spice - Capitalize on the season with scented pinecones or cinnamon sticks to create warm fall aromas inside your home.
Rain or shine - Depending on the weather, you may need an indoor mat so the floors don’t become treacherous.
Warm hearth - A fireplace is a desired feature, make it a focal point of your open house with a fire and arrange the furniture accordingly.
Food for thought - It’s always good to provide delicious treats during an open house so potential buyers linger. Warm pie, hot apple cider, or fresh cookies and milk are good selections for a cozy fall snack that will make potential buyers feel at home.