Saturday, April 20, 2013

Attention Union Members

I recently attended a workshop by one of the major lenders in the mortgage world. Wells Fargo. They are offering a new mortgage loan that caught my interest. The Union Plus Mortgage Program.  It is in a nutshell a product that all union members and their families should consider.  As a teacher, union member  and a  realtor I was happy to see a program that offers a little extra for us.

Home financing benefits for Union Members and Their Families

All active and retired union members and their parents or children may be eligible for exclusive home financing benefits.

  • $500 Mortgage Gift award card
  • Exclusive mortgage assistance benefits (interest free loan or grants  if you go on strike, become disabled or unemployed)
  • $500 First-Time Home Buyer Award
Please shop around when selecting a mortgage company and contact your financial advisory before signing any documents locking you into a specific company or loan.  I have included the Wells Fargo link below, Happy Mortgage Shopping.