Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cape Cod Vacation Rental

Contact me if you are interested in this rental listed below.  It is owned by my sister and I can give you all the details.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

If anyone is interested in a Micro House you need to watch this clip

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Free listing previews of 29 Elderberry

Contact me today if you'd like to get a pre- listing preview of this Syosset, NY front to back split

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home Sales For the Towns of Plainview NY and Old-Bethpage NY From January 2015 - March 31st 2015

St # Dr Street Name Sfx Town Zip SoldPrice Style
5 Walter Ct Old Bethpage 11804 585000 Split
1090 Round Swamp Rd Old Bethpage 11804 425000 Split
37 John Dr Old Bethpage 11804 455112 Split
40 Simpson Dr Old Bethpage 11804 540000 Split
47 Colonial Rd Old Bethpage 11804 429000 Ranch
44 Beatrice Ln Old Bethpage 11804 750000 Hi Ranch
46 Stewart St Plainview 11803 875000 Colonial
17 Shelter Hill Rd Plainview 11803 490000 Split
11 E Cedar Dr Plainview 11803 510000 Exp Cape
37 Midwood Plainview 11803 435000 Ranch
8 Clearwater Dr Plainview 11803 355000 Cape
16 Charlotte Pl Plainview 11803 320000 Ranch
1 Toni Ann Cir Plainview 11803 695000 Splanch
29 Sunrise St Plainview 11803 350000 Exp Ranch
107 Farmers Ave Plainview 11803 565000 Split
11 Linda Ln Plainview 11803 375000 Split
38 Lincoln Rd Plainview 11803 330000 Cape
12 Vernon St Plainview 11803 528000 Colonial
5 Kenneth St Plainview 11803 420000 Exp Ranch
42 W Lane Dr Plainview 11803 490000 Hi Ranch
6 Diamond Dr Plainview 11803 850000 Colonial
32 Azalea Ct Plainview 11803 325000 Ranch
3 Lillian Ln Plainview 11803 429000 Ranch
14 Audrey Ave Plainview 11803 470000 Colonial
7 Midwood Dr Plainview 11803 892555 Colonial
5 Forest Dr Plainview 11803 505000 Split
14 Cynthia Ln Plainview 11803 342000 Exp Ranch
49 Harvard Dr Plainview 11803 1160000 Colonial
82 Beaumont Dr Plainview 11803 635000 Hi Ranch
49 Grohmans Ln Plainview 11803 325000 Ranch
9 Bradford Rd Plainview 11803 570488 Colonial
5 Keswick Ln Plainview 11803 670000 Split
15 Karen Ave Plainview 11803 655000 Colonial
17 Abbey Ln Plainview 11803 405000 Ranch
17 Lane Ave Plainview 11803 487000 Split
30 Harold Rd Plainview 11803 505000 Cape
25 Kalda Ln Plainview 11803 478000 Ranch
173 Floral Ave Plainview 11803 377000 Colonial
23 Richard Ct Plainview 11803 457500 Colonial

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To Build or to Buy

To build or to buy? What you should consider to guide your decision
The spring house-buying season is underway and like many other buyers you are asking yourself, to buy or to build? There are positives and negatives to each decision. To help you better understand what those are, we've listed three possible positives and negatives for each below. Consider whether there are more that you could add to each list.
Positives for buying your next home: Move in quickly. Once you close, you can usually move in shortly afterward.1. Delay upgrades. Buy a house and you can make upgrades as old pieces wear out, saving you money.2. Know the neighborhood. When you buy a home, you can see the other homes in the neighborhood. This may not be true if you build. 3.
Negatives of buying your next home: You're stuck with your layout. Unlike a home you build, you're stuck with the layout in a home you by.1. Decorating costs. Buy a home and you may need to tear down wallpaper or add a fresh coat of paint.2. Upgrade considerations. You'll have to wait for the upgrades and your house will be in disrepair until the projects are complete. 3.
Positives for building your next home: A home of your own design. Determine the layout and specifications that works for you.1. Everything is new. Build your home and you're the first to use everything in it.2. Additional savings. A new home should provide homeowners insurance savings.3.
Negatives to building your next home: Be ready to wait. Building a home can take 4-6 months. You'll need patience and a place to live until your home is complete. 1. Choose wisely. Your price range may limit your style options and the upgrades you can make.2. More moving. Build your home and you'll have to move out of your temporary housing, meaning even more moving

For sale Syosset Front to Back Split Mid Block Location

Pre- Listing previews available starting today.  Get in before it is listed on the MLS Contact me today.