Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 home-improvement projects to help sell your Plainview, Old Bethpage, New York house this summer

5 home-improvement projects to help sell your home (BPT) - The real estate market has improved across much of the country, but homeowners thinking about listing their homes this summer need to stay competitive to attract buyers. Buyers are looking for long-term homes, ones they want to stay in for years while raising their children, or settling down and retiring. To prepare your home for listing – or simply to enjoy it a few years longer – check out these top five home improvement projects you can do yourself to make your home more attractive to buyers: 1. Give the front door a new look – The front door sets the tone for your home's curb appeal and security, and it signals how well you maintain everything else. Buyers will be walking into your home via the front door, so be sure to give them a good first impression. If your door is in good shape, you might just need to give it a refreshing new coat of paint or new hardware. But if it's seen some wear and tear over the years, consider replacing it with a steel door – one that will show buyers your home is safe. 2. Update the most-used entryway – While the front door needs curb appeal, the garage door is traditionally the most-used door in the home. Old wooden garage doors will start to sag and the paint will peel, giving your home a run-down look. Replacing this door with an insulated steel door will not only improve the exterior look of your home, but also keep the garage space warmer. Finishing off the garage can also be a big draw for buyers, but you probably won't be able to recoup as much of the expense as you would by replacing only the garage door. 3. Add additional living space – You might not think about adding a deck as the same thing as adding an extra room to the house, but if you're selling your home during the warmer months, that's how buyers will see it. They'll be able to picture themselves enjoying breakfast and picnic dinners outside, or curling up on a lounge chair with a good book on a summer afternoon. To make your deck a good selling feature, consider using ProWood Dura Color, a color-treated wood that retains its color for years. This means your buyers can easily move into your house and can enjoy the space without the annual chore of staining. Realtor.com estimates that homeowners can recoup 87 percent of the investment of adding a deck when they sell. 4. Create a bathroom retreat – As the smallest room in the house, the bathroom tends to cost the least to remodel. If you have a guest or master bath that can use a little help to transform into a relaxing oasis, take the opportunity to replace the flooring, add cushy rugs, paint the walls and replace the accessories with more modern styles. Faucets, showerheads, the mirror and even the toilet can all be upgraded with water-saving and stylish designs. Buyers will take note of a maintenance-free bath, making your home one they'll remember as move-in ready. 5. Turn the backyard into a private paradise – Buyers will be visualizing themselves in your backyard when touring your home. They're looking to see how quiet and secure the space is. Consider adding a beautiful wooden fence to enhance the privacy. It will make the home attractive to families with children and pets, and for couples who aren't interested in having a conversation with the neighbors every time they go outside. To make your fence an attractive selling feature of the home, consider using ProWood Dura Color fence pickets or pre-built panels. The cedar-tone or redwood-tone colorant driven deep into the wood fibers will stand up to the sun's harsh rays and won’t gray out over time, unlike cedar fencing. You can match it to the deck coloring for a beautiful accent look that connects the colors in your backyard.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fresh Organic Produce in Old Bethpage, NY

The Restoration Farm is now open for the season.  Great place to buy organic veggis in our hometown.   The farm has many other outdoor activities as well.  Check out their Facebook page for details.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Plainview Old-Bethpage House Sales May 2015 Mark Schreier LSA, Century 21 American Homes

Below is a list of all the closings for the towns of

 Plainview and Old-Bethpage, New York 

for the month of May 15, 2015

St # Dir Street Name Sfx Unit # Town           Zip Selling Price Style
3 Midwood Dr Plainview 11803 1050000  Colonial
77 Main Pky Plainview 11803 500000  Colonial
14 Mahan Rd Old Bethpage 11804 687000  Farm Ranch
1 Wayland Rd Plainview 11803 465000  Split
16 Coronet Ln Plainview 11803 505000  Split
6 Malton Rd Plainview 11803 448000  Split
15 Voorhis Dr Old Bethpage 11804 660000  Hi Ranch
18 Elaine Pl Plainview 11803 465000  Split
4 Nora Ln Plainview 11803 710000  Split
10 Sydney St Plainview 11803 925000  Colonial
17 Audley Ct Plainview 11803 600000  Split
40 Main Pkwy Plainview 11803 625000  Colonial
4 Winthrop Rd Plainview 11803 665000  Split
102 Palo Alto Dr Plainview 11803 368000  Condo
6 Sydney St Plainview 11803 855000  Colonial
9 Sarah Dr Old Bethpage 11804 435500  Exp Ranch
6 Lillian Ln Plainview 11803 860000  Colonial
124 Northern Pky Plainview 11803 600000  Split
56 Autumn Dr Plainview 11803 435000  Condo
20 Helen Ave Plainview 11803 395000  Ranch
17 Spector Ln Plainview 11803 517000  Split
84 Sagamore Dr Plainview 11803 900000  Homeowner Assoc